AgriFood Connect CEO Thomas Hall

AgriFood Connect CEO Thomas Hall shares his journey from farm-life to championing the transition of Australian agriculture in this fascinating article from the University of Queensland. Thomas grew up surrounded by agriculture –  his family has been in the industry for generations, meaning he understands its challenges and lifestyle better than most. Taking on the...

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Introducing the Agtech and Logistics Hub

Supported by Advance Queensland, University of Queensland, University of Southern Queensland, FKG Group and TSBE, AATLIS has developed a multi-million-dollar agtech and logistics hub in our Toowoomba precinct. The hub exists to facilitate connections, collaboration, partnerships and opportunities – solving the agricultural industry’s biggest challenges with innovation and technology. Read more

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Boosting Australian Agricultural Business

At the KPMG IoT Innovation Expo for Smart Food and Fibre, AATLIS had the opportunity to share our vision for our innovation smart hub. FKG CEO for Digital Innovation and Energy, Grant Statton, spoke about the strategic value of the industry, the importance of collaborative business models, and the incredible impact our new hub will...

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