Position yourself for success.

AATLIS, Toowoomba

Offering resource-rich land and high-end supports, we’ll help you grow your brand and fuel your future.

Move forward, with AATLIS.

What we do

Tailor-made to transform your business, AATLIS is an industrial precinct like no other.
With bespoke land, pre-lease and turn-key options for businesses, AATLIS offers CBD benefits in a sustainable space. Spanning 760ha, our empowered infrastructure gives you room to move and support to succeed.

Reducing your costs and improving productivity, we'll support your business to grow. Become competitive, connected and environmentally conscious, in a precinct that empowers your purpose.

Modern High Tech Authentic Robot Arm Holding Contemporary Super Computer Processor. Industrial Robotic Manipulator End Effector Holding CPU Chip

A land of opportunity.

Why choose AATLIS?

The Land

Low-cost, high-gain

Secure some of the most affordable industrial land parcels on the eastern seaboard, at approx. half the cost of developed land in metro areas.

Flexible options

Find a space that fits your needs, with a variety of zoned lots available for lease or purchase (1-20+ ha)

Fully serviced

Every utility is already in place, with town water, sewerage and stormwater, gas connections, and high voltage electricity.

Low-cost, high-gain

High-speed connectivity

Never miss a beat - or drop connection- with high-speed fibre networks and 5G. Onsite data centre gives secure location for your data.

Economical, renewable energy

Keep costs low and stay conscious, with embedded green energy solutions. Our private micro-grid power network offers wholesale gas and solar power – perfect for diverse energy inputs.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Go where the land is ‘greener.’ AATLIS hosts a staged solar farm, thermal and CO2 recovery facility. Always thinking of the future, our precinct is working to integrate hydrogen and energy generation from waste.

The Community

Unique B2B Interactivity

Build connection - and your business - with our community’s collaborative culture.

Strategic Location

Enjoy prime position, connecting CBD perks with resource-rich inland Australia. With easy access to road, rail and air transport, you’re never too far from the action.

People power

Access a sizeable skilled workforce, with Toowoomba’s ~170K population (expected to grow to ~200k by 2041). Boosting the economy, you’ll also inject new skills into the local market.

Where people, planet and purpose meet.

Our precinct

Plant your business in our precinct and watch your work thrive. With a collaborative culture, our community empowers and inspires - unlocking value across Toowoomba and beyond.

See for yourself

Feel nurtured in your niche. AATLIS incorporates four sub-precincts to support your specific sector:


Transforming the journey from paddock to plate.

Curated for:

  •  Intensive horticulture
  • smart farms
  • In-field testing environments
Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics

Enhancing manufacturing with digital technology and collaborative research.

Designed to support Advanced Manufacturing with:

  •  Processing
  •  Packaging
  •  Distribution
  •  Logistics
ductwork at a gas processing plant.

The engine of AATLIS.

Providing low-cost power and operational advantages via:

  •  a private micro-grid network of solar and batteries.
  •  gas options for your space.
Innovation and Technology

Inspiring Australian innovation.

A thriving hub of original thought, AATLIS is home to:

  •  Innovation Centre 
  •  Agrifood Connect
  •  Agtech and Logistics Hub 
  •  Pulse Data Centre.
A precinct like no other.
Acknowledgement of Country

AATLIS acknowledges the people, the traditional owners of the land where the precinct will be established and the region – the Gaibal, Keinjan, Barunggam and Jarowair peoples.

Their history is our history.

We pay our respect to their ancestors and their descendants, who continue cultural and spiritual connections to country.

FKG has reconciliation action plans endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. Those plans will serve as a framework for AATLIS to engage, design and implement plans to positively impact business activities, services, training and programs for First Nations people.