AgriFood Connect Appoints Chairperson


Dr Michele Allan
Dr Michele Allan

AgriFood Connect is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Michele Allan as the inaugural Chairperson for the organisation.

AgriFood Connect’s mission is to bridge the gap between research and the adoption of new ideas and technologies by industry. The intention is to fast-track the deployment of innovative solutions, make our economy more resilient, allow companies to become more competitive, and help create high value jobs.

With an industry led and customer driven focus, AgriFood Connect exists to be a catalyst for world class innovation practices, by scaling up to become a national flagship hub for food, agriculture and advanced manufacturing.

Michele’s extensive board experience, and her industry background, will support AgriFood Connect and its partners in meeting these challenges and developing the opportunities ahead.

Michele’s background has equipped her with a strong understanding of agribusiness, public policy and regulation within food and agriculture industries, R&D portfolio structure and management, enterprise risk management, and science and innovation.

She has previously held chair positions with Meat & Livestock Australia and the Wheat Industry Advisory Taskforce and currently with Wine Australia, Apple and Pear Australia Limited, and the Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre. She was also previously a director of the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation.