Artwork by: Brenton Hare

Painting represents the Indigenous people living on the land for thousands of years and the arrival of the British depicted by the blue, red and white circles - the story illustrating the cultures coming together as one on our sacred land - Australia. It also signifies FKG Group’s path in supporting reconciliation within the community, represented by the dark green and white circles.

A precinct like no other.
Acknowledgement of Country

AATLIS acknowledges the people, the traditional owners of the land where the precinct will be established and the region – the Gaibal, Keinjan, Barunggam and Jarowair peoples.

Their history is our history.

We pay our respect to their ancestors and their descendants, who continue cultural and spiritual connections to country.

FKG has reconciliation action plans endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. Those plans will serve as a framework for AATLIS to engage, design and implement plans to positively impact business activities, services, training and programs for First Nations people.